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[edgtf_process number_of_columns=”three” space_between_items=”normal” switch_to_one_column=”1024″][edgtf_process_item title_tag=”” image=”710″ image_bottom_margin=”32px” title=”Choose a Category” text=”Select a category that best suits your interest. Use filters to customize your search and to find exactly what you want.” text_top_margin=”16px”][edgtf_process_item title_tag=”” image=”712″ image_bottom_margin=”65px” title=”Find What You Want” text=”Once you’ve settled on a business, learn more about it, read reviews and find its location so that you can reach in no time!” text_top_margin=”16px”][edgtf_process_item title_tag=”” image=”713″ image_bottom_margin=”55px” title=”Go Out & Explore” text=”The only thing left to do now is to go out, explore and have fun! Meet new friends, pursue your interests and do what you love!” text_top_margin=”16px”][/edgtf_process]
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